" Z is an absolute gem and delight to work with. She is so structured, disciplined and organised. She has exceptional depth of knowledge in brand strategy which she applies rigorously across her team’s outputs. She is brilliant at building global teams and getting them to work together as one. She has a great creative flair and was a key person in positioning Unruly as a differentiated brand in a highly competitive marketplace."  
- Louise Tullin, Ex-CMO at Unruly
Launched in 2006 when the internet was beginning to evolve from the information superhighway to today’s social web Unruly had grown from a  three person, Shoreditch-based startup to an international company that was acquired by News Corp in 2015. 

To evolve Unruly's brand from basement startup to a scale-up that would align with the business's growth ambitions and differentiate it in a highly competitive marketplace. 
Rapid growth and expansion had lead to a proliferation of styles, product logos, outdated branding and confusing messaging. 
The goal was to consolidate and scale up the brand while still holding true to it's values and embracing its "UNRULY" mindset. 
Defining our mission: 
The Adtech industry is crowded, complicated, confusing, and full of technical jargon. Unruly needed a clear, simple and differentiated statement that would uphold the business vision. 
Brand Identity:
Pulling characteristic features from the old logo (retaining brand equity) and sunsetting redundant elements created a clean bold custom type for the logo lent itself to flexible typographic treatments for campaigns and messaging and set a strong base to tie together product logos and services under the wider brand architecture. 
When it came to colour, the only way to stand out was to move away from the 50 shades of blue of the adtech landscape.
In the true "Unruly" spirit - a complimentary yellow was the perfect choice. Bold , warm and energetic the Unruly Yellow represented a less cold and more emotionally driven tech company. 
The Periodic Table of UnrulyEQ ShareRank Elements is a table that shows the elements that influence the shareability of a video. The elements have been identified using sharing data related to 2 trillion video views and UnrulyEQ ShareRank is trained using more than 395,000 data points. It visualises global patterns in factors that influence video shareability. 
The elements are arranged in groups in order of their influence on shareability, with the most influential placed on the left. The group of video elements with no independent influence on sharing is shown below the main body of the table. Elements in blocks are colour-coded and have similar properties (refer to the key)
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