To rebrand the not-for-profit organisation "Growth & Grace Collective" - a gender-neutral network to connect, inspire and empower women from across the world. 

To reimagine their visual identity to appeal to a more diverse audience that reflect the organisation's values and spirit, keeping in mind a digital first approach. 
Another key objective was to build a distinctly own-able space/style for use of imagery on social media, with the caveat that there would be limited access to original photographic content. 

A bold, vibrant and playful logo + visual language that provided loads of opportunity to get creative with a wide selections of graphics assets and colours within a distinctive design system. 

The identity takes inspiration from the idea of community, people coming together, and exchanging of ideas.
A catalyst that brings to life the joy, energy and creativity that sparks from these interactions. 
**All photographs used are only as previewing examples (non-commercial usage) of visual content for clients and all rights belong to their respective owners.
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