We were tasked with redesigning the McDonald’s takeaway packaging for the Indian market. New to the fast food culture and self-service restaurants, McDonald’s was perceived as an international burger franchise that was a privilege reserved only for the urban upper-middle class.

In India labour is cheap and the urban upper-middle class can afford help to perform any and every trivial task. It was hard to sell the concept of self-service to this consumer. The redesign of the takeaway package aimed to resonate with the consumer segment and build a sense of comfort with the practice of “self-service”.

The key idea here was to bring home the McDonald's self-service experience. To achieve this, beautiful Mc Delivery paper bags were created. Although simple, these paper bags once opened turned into lovely tray mats. Each paper bag revealed a unique design. Each of these was individually hand-crafted and then printed on the inside of the mat, allowing you to enjoy your favourite McDonald's meal on an intricate tray mat.

As part of the team of designers working on this project, my contribution was in the following areas;
Worked on the artwork for the Mc Veggie and McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes.
Ensuring usability and workability, through mockups and prototyping. 
Art direction of photo shoots.
Overseeing final production. (Selection of materials used, printing techniques, quality checks, etc.)
Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai
Client: Mc Donald's
National Creative Director: K.V. Sridhar
Creative Director (Design): Payal Juthani
Designers: Zainab Karachiwala / Nadine Pereira
Illustrators: Payal Juthani, Zainab Karachiwala, Nadine Pereira, Prakash Shelke
Photography: Sachin Powle
Account Supervisor: Samarjit Choudhry
Account Manager: Nikhil Mohan, Neha Shetty
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