Tremor International, a global ad tech company acquires Tremor Video (USA-based DSP) and Unruly  (Global SSP). Both brands offer a unique creative production service run by in-house creative studios. Following the acquisition the business was working towards consolidating the 2 creative studios under each brand into a unified global offering that could service clients across both the brands. The consolidation would mean greater efficiencies and cost savings for the business as well as opening up opportunities to close deals with large global brands across both sides of the supply chain. 

A truly unique challenge from a brand perspective.  
1. Develop an identity for the creative studio as a sub-brand that speaks to the brand identities of both Unruly and Tremor Video. 
2. To move away from legacy associations of past capabilities of the individual studios and create a new and improved narrative for the joint offering.

A solution was found in identifying the commonalities between the two brand identities. The name, the fonts, and the colours are all picked to provide a gentle nod to the Unruly and Tremor Video brands while creating a design system to represent the creative nature of the studio. 
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