Orange Industrial Smart City is a one thousand acre green field development offering businesses and individuals a clean, green and sustainable environment.
Our task was to develop an iconic identity system for the city that would highlight its vision to build a harmonious development for PEOPLE, PROFIT and the PLANET.
The city was to be developed using a cluster approach. Each business cluster would be individually designed for the industry keeping in mind its unique needs providing smart solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs. While iconic the identity needed to be dynamic enough to seamlessly translate across the city's various verticles.

   - The identity had to be designed in the form of a monogram (OISC).
   - The identity needed to be designed in line with the principles of Vastu Shastra (a traditional Hindu system of architecture) - use of bright and light colours, prominent use of the circle form.
   - Use PEOPLE, PROFIT and PLANET as the key inspiration.

We took inspiration from the concept of synergy – THE CREATION OF A POWER GREATER THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS.
This concept embodies the progressive vision of Orange Industrial Smart City, bringing together PEOPLE, PROFIT AND PLANET.
Our logo is made of elements that individually and as a whole capture the very essence of Orange Industrial Smart City.
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